Brief Information on Hun Holding’s Cookie Policy

What is a cookie and why is it used?

It is a small text file created during your website visits on your computer, smart phone or other devices that you use.

We use cookie records on our website to personalize the visits to our website and enhance the visitors’ individual user experiences.

Cookies may also be used to fasten your activities and experiences on our websites. In addition, we use them so that they help us develop the structures and contents of our websites and gather anonymous and collective statistical data which enable us to understand how people use our website.

Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy applies to the websites operated by and/or on behalf of Hun Holding A.Ş (“Hun Holding”), branded websites on third party platforms, and those accessed or used on websites (such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) or third party programs.

Hun Holding may use cookies to improve your experiences. The cookies used do not contain any personal information or collect any information from your system and/or hard disk.

We, as Hun Holding, may give up using the cookies we use on the Website, we may change the type or function thereof, or add new cookies.

You are not identified with your name and e-mail address on Hun Holding Websites; instead, numbers and indexes are assigned upon your first access.

Types and Characteristics of Cookies

Types of Cookies

A. Transient cookies:

Session cookies are only stored temporarily during the session and removed shortly after you close your browser.

B. Persistent cookies:

Persistent cookies remain on your computer/mobile device after you close the browser or application, and are used to identify you when the website is re-accessed. Until the persistent cookies expire, a new cookie is uploaded and remains on your computer or mobile device.

C. Targeted/Advertising Cookies:

Advertising cookies are those uploaded by a third party on an application / a website or during a visit. They are used to communicate to a third party some information on your visit to our website. The purposes of use of these cookies are displaying relevant and personalized advertisements, restricting the number of the advertisements shown, measuring the efficiency of the advertisement campaign, and remembering your visit preferences.

D. Strictly Necessary Cookies:

They are necessary and important cookies. They enable you to create a user account, access and surf on our website. After you close the browser or application, compulsory cookies remain on your computer or mobile device and are used to identify you when you re-access our website.

E. Performance and analysis cookies:

They are the cookies used on websites and applications to ensure a better, faster and safer use for the visitors. Using this type of cookies, it is possible to improve and personalize client experience. The data obtained through these cookies include the pages accessed, routings, type of platform of the accessing user, the date/time of the access, search terms and other texts entered during use.

F. Functionality cookies:

Functionality cookies are those used to make visits to the website easier and improve your browsing experience. It enables specific settings such as preferred language, layout or color scheme to be remembered.

H. Tracking cookies:

Tracking cookies are used to track the visitors’ web browsing behaviors and collect data and information about their browsing behavior from various websites they visit.

Types of Cookies by Their Purpose of Use

There are four types of cookies categorized by their purpose of use: Session Cookies, Performance Cookies, Functional Cookies and Advertising and Third Party Cookies.

Session Cookies:
These cookies are necessary for Hun Holding Websites to be operated properly. It is these cookies which enable a website to be visited and its features to be used. Session cookies are used to transfer credentials from one page to another on a website and make it unnecessary to re-enter them.

Performance Cookies:
Using these cookies, information is collected in relation to the frequency of visits to pages, relevant error messages, if any, the time spent on a page, and the user’s way of using the website. Such information makes it possible to increase the performance of the website.

Functional Cookies:
Through these cookies, the choices made by the user on the website (e.g. the city and flight date chosen) are remembered, allowing an easier use for the user. Improved internet features are provided to users through these cookies.

Advertising and third party cookies:
Third party supplier cookies are used on Hun Holding Websites to enable the use of some functions. Cookies of advertisement tracking companies are also held on Hun Holding Websites..

What type of cookies do we use?

Hun Holding uses Session Cookies, Performance Cookies and Strictly Necessary Cookies on its websites.

Strictly Necessary Cookies

What is their function?

These cookies are necessary for the Hun Holding website to be operated properly, and they enable you to tour our websites and use their features. For example, when the user returns to a page during the same session, his/her previous actions (text entries, etc.) are remembered.

Do these cookies collect your personal information / can they recognize your identity?

These cookies do not recognize your identity. If you do not accept these cookies, the performance of the website or some parts thereof may be affected.

Session Cookies

What is their function?

These cookies are activated when a window is opened on the web browser, and deactivated when the window is closed. After you close your browser, all transient cookies are deleted. Session cookies are used to transfer credentials between pages on the website and make it unnecessary to re-enter them.

Do these cookies collect your personal information / can they recognize your identity?

All cookies are deleted once the browser is quit.

Performance Cookies

What is their function?

These cookies enable us to determine visits and traffic sources so that we can measure and improve the performance of our website. They help us view the number of the visitors to the pages on our website and determine on which pages of our website the visitors spend time.

Do these cookies collect your personal information / can they recognize your identity?

Since all the information collected by the relevant cookies are handled together/collectively, it does not contain personal information and is anonymous. These cookies have no other purpose than helping us increase the efficiency of our website.

How do we use third party cookies?

In order to enable them to provide their services to you, we cooperate with some third party suppliers that perform cookie settings on behalf of you when you visit the Hun Holding website. See the relevant sections below for more detailed information on these cookies and how to block them.

When you visit the Company Websites, you may receive cookies from third party websites or domains. We are working to identify these cookies before they are activated and thus enable you to decide whether you accept them or not. There may be detailed information about these cookies on the relevant third party website.

How can you control or delete cookies?

Web browsers are generally preset to automatically accept cookies. Browsers may be set in such a way that they block cookies or warn the user when cookies are sent to the device.

Since management of cookies differs from one browser to another, the help menu of the browser may be viewed to get detailed information. You can access details about deletion or blocking of cookies or general information on cookies on

If you reject persistent cookies or session cookies, you may continue using the website but you may be unable to access all functions of the website or your access may be restricted.

In order to turn off cookies, you may:

Go to “Settings / Privacy / Content Settings / Turn off cookies” on your Chrome browser settings.

If you are an Internet Explorer user, you may go to: “Options / Internet Settings / Privacy / Settings”.

If you are a Firefox user, you may go to: “Tools / Options / Privacy / Accept cookies / Keep until Firefox closes”.

You can reach detailed information on turning off cookies under the links below:

Cookies in Chrome

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